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Champions League 2017: Predictions, Betting Tips and Odds

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Champions League Prediction: Juventus will win

This has been a Champions League season at odds, who would predict Monaco getting this far and the early elimination of Barcelona and Bayern Munich? Juventus might just be the only non-surprise in the semifinal stage. Real Madrid is a bit surprising considering their surmount of internal problems, they didn’t look too fit for the finals but were rewarded with even worst un-fitted rivals.

Who will the Champions League, Real Madrid or Juventus? Very few give a long shot luck to Monaco and Atletico Madrid, although they have proofed to be strong. Monaco is the leader in the French League with same points as PSG but more goals in favor, the fought in the final of the secondary league in France against PSG and lost, with all three championship performances the club has been at its best ever since they ascended from second division and can now begin to be considered as one of Europe’s strongest clubs.

Juventus stands the strongest amongst all other clubs at this stage. They have move up along the tournament with ease in full control of the games and some awe-inspiring matches. They defeated Barcelona with a great display of skill and jogo-bonito.

Real Madrid was a bit soft in the beginning, but their latest games in La Liga have seen a James Rodriguez, relegated the whole season to the bench thanks to enmities with the club’s directives, begin to score 1 goal per match including one against Barcelona during the Clasico 3 minutes after entering the field. In other words, Real has pulled their best for the final stages of the tournament and may have finally brought the winning formula right when it counts.

Fixture Overview

  • Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid (semifinals) – First Leg 02-05-2017, Second Leg 09-05-2017.
  • Monaco vs Juventus (semifinals) – First Leg 03-05-2017, Second Leg 10-05-2017.
  • UEFA Champions League Final at Millennium Stadium Cardiff, 03-06-2017, 19:45 GMT.

Betting Tips

Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid (first leg)

Prediction: Real Madrid Win – 17/20

 This Clasico in itself has always been a tuff call. Real Madrid through time has stand as the favorite, being one of the top three teams in the world right now, while Atletico Madrid has stood in its shadow and is considered more of a Europa League top contender but not one for the Champions.

Still, Atletico Madrid always steps up its game against Real and is very strong on its home court. Real may stand as favorites on their home field but Atletico has the advantage playing the second leg at theirs, this leaves them leeway to control the pace of the match during the first game. They can aim for a draw and only cross the middle of the field when Madrid presents a weak spot.

If you have been playing close attention to Real Madrid’s games you will notice that even though they win almost all of their matches, they also concede at least one goal. Meaning they have a weak defense mostly because their playing strategy is full offensive moving their back lines too far from the safety of the net. Their strategy is to trap their opponent on their net and keep him there. If one team knows how to overcome this is Atletico.

Take in mind Real Madrid is the present champion of the Premier League. Never in the history of the event has a club won the tournament back to back, stats play against them but they could well lose the championship on the Finals and not right now. Their odds to qualify for the finals stands at 4/7.

Correct Score for Real Madrid to win 2-0 is a good take at 17/2, not too impossible.

Monaco vs Juventus (first leg)

Prediction: Draw – 13/10

Very few have faith on Monaco for the semi-finals, it is already too surprising they made it this far. They club is composed by semi-stars from different parts of the world. The club has a small history of major events participation and their main star, Radamel Falcao, although with a strong recovery after more than 3 years out the game thanks to a knee injury. But they show spirit. Last time they were in the finals was back in 2003/04, but they face top favorite Juventus who are arguably the best team in the cup. Their strength lies in the defense, which may not cut it with a powerful offense from Juventus.

A draw in their home turf looks more likely, although the Juventus 0 – 1 is a great bet at 17/2. To make your bet, find all Champions League odds at William Hill today!

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