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The CFD Trader’s Approach to Online Betting

If you personally know any CFD trader who is actually making a success out of trading these Contracts for Differences (CFDs), either pick their brain for their strategies or perhaps partner up with them to apply those same strategies to the online betting world.

How CFD trading compares to online casino betting

CFD trading doesn’t differ all that much from online casino betting, because at the end of the day you put money down based on a predicted outcome of some event and if things go your way you win, while you lose if they go the other way. You enjoy better odds with online casino sites though. Click here to enjoy some online casino fun with a sporting twist and a variation of online casino fun that essentially affords you greater odds of winning.

The anatomy of CFD trading platforms versus online casino sites

If you were to apply some kind of futuristic x-ray machine to the anatomy of how CFD trading platforms and online casino sites are built and operated, what you’d find is that the engines running both these platforms are quite similar.

Applying trading strategy to online casino bets

When one realises that pretty much the same strategy to trading CFDs can be applied to online casino bets they place, it becomes clear that you’d enjoy better odds of making some good money with online casino sites. It does however depend on the types of games you’d be betting on, except there aren’t any so-called “market forces” which nobody understands but the people running the financial industry to have to contend with when betting online, for instance.

Why online casino sites ultimately prove to be better than online CFD trading sites

Of the many reasons why betting through online casino sites ultimately proves to be a step-up on trading CFDs, two perhaps lead the way. One – online betting platform operators don’t demonstrate the type of relentless focus on turning a profit synonymous with CFD trading broker platforms, i.e. if you win money via an online casino, as long as you have verified your details and your identity, you will get what’s due to you. With online CFD platforms it’s like they look for every reason not to have to pay out your “winnings,” which of course are the amount of money you’ve made picking out positions that essentially align with your market movement predictions.

They’ll want all manner of things from you which they should have insisted you furnish prior to allowing you to fund your account and open positions, like your tax registration documents, etc as well as invoking some restrictions, such as those which stipulate that you would have to have traded a certain volume of CFDs in order to be eligible for a withdrawal. Online casinos are typically different, paying out what’s due to you…

Two – online casinos allow you to have a bit of fun, even if you’re ultimately betting with some serious money, in a bid to possibly win some serious cash. You can bet on sports, for example, following your favourite sports teams and enjoying every minute of the process leading up to the outcome.

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