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Benefits of a Touring Paddleboard

Touring paddle boards are growing in popularity, and for many, they’re starting to take the place of general-use paddleboards. No, they can’t match the speed of a racing board, they’re not as utilitarian as fishing boards, and they certainly aren’t surf-friendly. However, they’re great options that will benefit beginners and pros alike.

Let’s take a look at the key benefits of a touring paddleboard.

1: Long-Distance Comfort

A racing board or fishing board are great options for totally opposite ends of the paddleboarding spectrum, but they both share something in common; neither of them is very good for long-distance adventures. The way they’re designed, you’ll end up exerting a lot of energy if you just cruise around exploring.

That’s where a touring paddleboard comes in. It’s the perfect balance of stability and ease of paddling to allow you to comfortably, and steadily, make your way across long distances. No, you won’t be racing it, and you probably won’t want to fish from it, but you will get to take in the sights and see new things as you trek across entire waterways without wearing yourself out.

2: Fitness

Paddleboarding is about more than just recreation or utility. A lot of new paddleboarders are getting into it because it’s a great way to get some full-body exercise.

Paddleboarding forces you to use all your muscles. You’ll constantly be bracing your lower body to stay balanced, as well as shifting it to maneuver better, and your entire upper body, from your core to your arms and neck, will be put to good use while you paddle.

This is all done while remaining relatively at rest and having a good time.

Since a touring board is meant for long-distance travel, it’s perfect for any fitness-oriented rider. You can easily make your daily riding experience a comfortable one while still working your entire body steadily.

Other boards are great exercise, too. They’re just more oriented at specific activities that you may or may not want to do on a daily basis as part of your fitness routine, and using them for long-distance travel will add unnecessary strain to your body as you fight against their intended purpose.


3: Price

All paddleboard types, or at least most of them, come in a wide range of prices. However, if you compare the solid, middle-ground, options from each category, you’ll find that touring paddleboards are among the most affordable. Fishing boards and other specialty boards have so many features built-in that their prices jump well above the price of an equal quality touring board. So, if you want to get started with paddleboarding and need to save a little cash, a touring board might be the way to go to get the most bang for your buck.

Try a Touring Board

Touring boards bring a number of benefits to the table. Beyond the ones we listed above, they’re also great beginner boards with plenty of potentials to grow with their riders.

So, why not start your paddleboarding adventure with a touring board, and work your way up to more specialized boards in the future?

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