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Why Should All-Ceramic Crowns Be Used for Front Teeth?

Crowns are a great choice when a tooth has been damaged but doesn’t actually need to be extracted. They’re essentially caps that are fitted over the top of a tooth to conceal damage and provide added strength. You can have crowns made from resin, porcelain-fused to metal, and ceramic, and it’s that last option you should stick to if any front teeth need to be covered.

The most natural material

While damage to any tooth can cause a cosmetic issue, people naturally worry most about their front teeth. Even a small chip will be obvious whenever you smile or talk, and an artificial looking crown is going to stand out clearly. And that’s the main reason why ceramic crowns are preferred to cover front teeth. The material boasts a natural translucence that matches the appearance of your teeth very accurately. In fact, it’s extremely hard to tell all-ceramic crowns apart from natural teeth, and there’s no danger of dark lines showing through since no metal will be used.

A biocompatible option

If you hear your dentist refer to all-ceramic crowns as biocompatible, they mean ceramic allows gum tissue to grow naturally. Some materials, such as metal and plastic, are not biocompatible, which means that gum tissue often struggles to grow around them. With crowns, this often leads to slight gum recession. This isn’t always a major problem, but any recession should be avoided at the front of the mouth since it’s more noticeable in this location.

Perfect weight and size

As you’ve probably noticed, the teeth at the front of your mouth are smaller and thinner than those at the back – this is because they are made to cut through food instead of grind it down. All-ceramic crowns are easier to fit at the front than those made from other materials because ceramic crowns can be made very thin and very light without compromising their strength. This is also useful since teeth at the front of the mouth, particularly the lower incisors, tend to crowd together.

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