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7 Essential Items of Kit for the Physiotherapist

There’s a lot more to being an athlete than just turning up for the event; the training is a major component, with the goal being 100% physical fitness on the day of the event, then there is care, which is a preventative approach, and, of course, immediate post-injury solutions. Professional and top-level amateur athletes would have their own personal physio, and here are just a few essential items that a physiotherapist would have in his portable cooler, when looking after athletes.

  1. Straps, Bandages & Supports – These are frequently needed when a player has a serious injury to a muscle, hamstring or ligament, and the team physio would have a varied selection to cover any scenario.
  2. Scissors – If an injury has to be tended to on the field of play (or just to the side lines), the physio will need a couple of pairs of scissors.
  3. Ice Packs – No physio would ever attend without their ice packs, and you can look to shop for ice packs at https://bodyice.com, a leading supplier of sports recovery aids and products, and with an extensive catalogue, the physio has a single-shop solution. If you don’t have the luxury of your own physio, you should still go ahead and invest in a few ice packs and keep them in the freezer. When serious contact occurs, inflammation is the first concern, and applying ice virtually halts inflammation, so it is wise to apply and ice pack as soon as you can, which will reduce the healing time.
  4. Saline Solution – A couple of medium-sized bottles is enough, as the saline is used to clean an open would prior to applying a dressing, and with bugs and viruses abound, it makes sense to clean, disinfect and dress the wound in a timely manner.
  5. Gauze Pads – Sterile pads of various sizes are for wiping away blood and covering a wound prior to dressing.
  6. Ventolin Inhalers – Plural, as the physio would need a few, especially if any of the athletes are asthmatic. The inhaler would really help a person who is not getting enough oxygen into their bloodstream and when playing sports, this is very dangerous. If the windpipe contracts, this limits the amount of oxygen, and Ventolin will open up the airways, thus allowing more oxygen into the lungs.
  7. Vaseline – This oil-based jelly is great for stopping cuts above the eyebrow or even on the shin, and it is regularly used by all physios for that very purpose. Smearing Vaseline onto an open would is also a good way to protect against infection, as the petroleum jelly provides a seal.

If you play sports on a regular basis, you should have a few essentials in your kit bag, such as a few ice packs, which can be found at the online sporting specialist supplier. They would have a range of straps, bandages and ice packs to suit every environment, so it is worth a visit.

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