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6 Tips for Effective Football Photography

American football is a great game that is full of action. If you have never done football photography before, then there is a lot of work involved. Football photography is different from other types of photography.

To make your work easy, we have some tips to help you. Follow these tips to learn how to take the best photographs of an American football game.

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The 6 Best Football Photography Tips

1. Get the right equipment

You need the right equipment to take photos of a football game. The basic requirement is a good quality DSLR camera. Ideally, the camera should have features like autofocus and continuous shooting speed.

A very important accessory is the lens. Good quality lenses will help you get the best photos. If you can’t afford to have different lenses, get a lens with a longer zoom. It is difficult to use a tripod in a game, so go with a monopod. It helps prevents camera shake.

Other things that you need are extra batteries and memory cards. You also need to be prepared for rain, which can commonly occur during a game.

2. Know the game

In any form of photography, you need to know about the subject in detail. Similarly, it is important you understand how the game is played, its rules, etc. This will help you understand when the action is going to increase, so you are prepared to shoot.

Knowing about the game by reading about it and watching old games is helpful. It will help you anticipate what may happen. This will help you be in the right position to click a great photo.

Also, knowing about the teams and key players would be helpful. It would help you know who to focus on more during the game.

3. Get permission to shoot

You can shoot as a spectator but getting permission from the game organizers is better. You can contact the high school where the game is being held. Try to get media credentials, so you are allowed in as a photographer. This will help you move around freely and take the best photos.

4. Know the settings

Beginners prefer automatic camera settings, but professionals always shoot in manual mode. This allows them to change the settings according to the situation. You need to change settings like aperture and shutter speed depending on various factors.

The weather on the day of the game is a factor to keep in mind. You can start with a shutter speed of 1/500 and then make changes as the light changes. A bit of trial and error is needed until you get the best settings.

5. Choose the right position

You need to get into the right position to shoot the best pictures. Let the sun be at your back when you shoot. This will ensure the field and players are illuminated well. Try and be as close to the action as possible.

A good photographer will not remain in one position throughout the game. You will need to keep moving as the game progresses.

6. Know the techniques

You will perfect your photography techniques with practice. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • Let the subject be in the center of the screen with autofocus. When the action starts use the continuous shooting mode to start clicking.
  • Try both the single shot mode and the burst mode and check the photos taken.
  • All the action is not on the field. There are many things happening on the sidelines. You can shoot the cheerleaders, the band, and the crowd.
  • Be alert, so you don’t miss out on a photo opportunity.

To conclude, use these excellent tips to score big on your photography at the next football game!

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