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5 Signs You’re a Sports Nut

For some people, a love of sports is simply a part of their life. It’s something they enjoy watching in the background, and occasionally check up on scores in the news with their favorite teams. However, there are others who don’t just love sports, they live for sports. Sports is a way of life and the air that they breathe. They aren’t just loyal fans of their favorite sports teams, they consider their favorite teams like family. 

So, are you what someone would consider a full-fledged sports nut? Here are some of the telltale signs that you may just be. 

You Know All Sports Trivia and Statistics 

Sports nuts will often have an encyclopedic knowledge of their favorite teams, players, and sports in general. They can recite facts and figures, and know a plethora of Sports Trivia. They will also follow their favorite teams and players closely and have a strong understanding of the game’s history and current trends.

Keeping these in mind, if you are a master of sports trivia and win every sports trivia challenge, then this is a pretty big indication that you’re more than just an average fan. Knowing all of your statistics from batting averages to specific years that your team won specific games, shows that you are truly a fan. Much like how GearGeek operates, some of the most dedicated fans are even knowledgeable enough to identify all of the different types of gear that players use by sight alone.

You Have Season Tickets

As a true sports nut there is no chance that you’re going to miss a home game for your favorite team. A true sports nut has season tickets regardless of the price and whether it fits into their budget or not.   You base your entire schedule around home games, and you can forget about missing an away game on TV. 

Half Your Wardrobe is Dedicated to Your Favorite Sports Teams

If you open up your wardrobe and you have multiple choices for clothing that represents each of your favorite sports teams, then you may just be a sports fanatic. Whether it’s a sweatshirt, puffer jacket, or beanie, if they sell it, you own it. 

Beyond your wardrobe, chances are you have other accessories devoted to your favorite teams as well. We’re talking about coffee cups, bumper stickers, and maybe even a throw blanket. Does this sound like you? Yeah, we thought so.

You Get In Heated Arguments About Sports

There’s nothing that gets you riled up more than someone saying something bad about your favorite team. For you, you take negative comments about your team personally as if they were insulting your best friend or family member. Things might have even gotten as far as getting in a full-blown fight as a result of someone stepping out of line when it comes to your sports team.

You Play Sports Yourself

True diehard fans are more than just spectators, they like to get in there and play themselves. If you’re an active sports player, then chances are you appreciate and understand sports even more than the average fan. Watching isn’t enough for you, you like to get in there and take part in the excitement!

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