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5 Practical Tips On How To Choose The Best Golf Gear For Men

Buying the correct men’s golf gear is critical to your golf course experience, but where should you invest? Do you need expensive golf shoes or should you drop a few hundred dollars on a rangefinder? The answer differs for each golfer, but we can help you make the best decision. So whether you are in two minds about getting a center shafted mallet putter or a blade putter, or even how many putters you actually need then read on. /p>

There’s no shortage of men’s golf gear options. The good news is that you can play golf for the rest of your life, so any item you purchase can be used for years on the course. In other words, you don’t have to rush out and buy everything at once. Set a budget and build out your men’s golf gear over time.

Cool – this makes sense, but where should you start? We have come up with our 5 practical tips on the best golf gear for men.

1. Start with the Essentials

Essentially, you need these men’s golf gear items to play. We would consider them mandatory. You will need golf balls, but depending on your level of play, you don’t need to spend $50 for a dozen. Research and find multiple dozen discounts – golf balls never expire.

Collect some freebies. Tees, divot repair tools, and ball markers can be acquired without spending a dime. Pay attention when you pay your green fees in the pro shop – many have these items out for free. Also, check out the starter shack.

The final essential piece of men’s golf gear is a glove. Again, you can find packs for 3-5 gloves for a discounted price. Quick reminder – don’t buy the wrong hand! A right-handed golfer uses a glove on their left hand.

2. Build Your Set of Clubs in Pieces

Just because you are allowed under the rules of golf to have 14 clubs doesn’t mean you have to rush out and buy them all at once. Ultimately, you may end up with a 16 or 17 club rotation. Why would you own more clubs than you can use in 1 round?

Our key tip for men’s golf gear is that you don’t actually need 14 clubs to enjoy the game. If you are just getting started, you can easily play the game with only 6-8 clubs. As your game improves, add new clubs to your collection. This can help save money in the short term and you will learn the types of clubs you like as you play more.

3. Be Selective of your “Luxury” Items

We define luxury items as pieces of men’s golf gear that cost well over one hundred dollars. You have great options, but probably don’t want to buy them all at once.

Rangefinders have changed how amateur golfers play the game. You no longer have to find a yardage marker, walk the distance, and potentially pull out a pin sheet. You just shoot, pick a club, and hit your shot. If you are an avid player, we recommend this luxury item, but it is a significant investment.

Do you enjoy walking the course, but get tired on the back 9? Another piece of men’s golf gear you may want to consider is a pushcart. Get exercise, but spare your lower back.

Do you love to practice and check your stats? Clubhead speed, ball speed, spin rate, etc.? This type of information used to only be available to PGA tour professionals, but now you can buy your very own launch monitor device.

4. Buy a 2nd Golf Bag

A relatively new craze in the men’s golf gear world is the Sunday golf bag. They are ultra-lightweight and typically hold 6-8 clubs. They are perfect for your trip to the driving range, playing a par 3 course, or walking a casual 9. Most of them are designed to carry your golf essentials and a couple cold beverages.

Anyone can walk and carry this type of bag. You could use one as your primary bag, but we find that most players enjoy having both a full size bag and a sunday bag. You select the bag that matches your golf plans for the day. Heading out to TopGolf or Drive Shack with friends? Throw a few clubs in your sunday golf bag. No reason to carry the full size bag around.

Options and flexibility are a must for your men’s golf gear.

5. Be Prepared for the Elements

Golf is a game played outdoors. You could encounter cold, wind, rain, and heat. You will need the proper men’s golf gear to deal with these elements.

A high-tech rainsuit can help keep you dry during a shower and will protect you from the wind. It can be expensive, but you will be very happy to have it when the bad weather rolls in. This men’s golf gear is also designed for the game. It will not restrict your range of motion and you can continue to hit great shots while wearing your golf rainsuit.

Cold weather golf requires its own golf gear. First, you must keep your hands warm. Go with a pair of golf mittens and some hand warmers. Next, you want to keep your head and ears nice and toasty. You can accomplish this by purchasing a stocking cap. Finally, you must dress in layers. Golf manufacturers have come out with clima-gear; these are tight shirts designed to be worn under your other clothes. They keep your core warm and block the wind. 

You will have to decide if you are a “fair-weather” golfer or someone who will play regardless of the conditions. Just make sure you have the correct men’s golf gear to enjoy your round And if traveling to the golf course isn’t possible, you can always sharpen your golfing skills at home with a portable golf simulator.


Golf is a game that you can play from the ages of 5 to 105. As you get more involved with this sport, you will find new men’s golf gear that you want to purchase. Be patient. You don’t need it all at once. Grow your golf gear collection over time. 

Pay attention to your playing partners. There is no better way to find cool men’s golf gear than seeing someone else use it. They might even let you give it a try before you buy. 

Strive to purchase items that help you improve as a player or improve your experience on the course. Enjoy your next round and play well!

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