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5 Best Winter Hiking Spots In The United States

Hiking in the winter months definitely has its perks.  You won’t have crowds of explorers to content with during a winter hike, and you won’t have to deal with any pesky bugs along the way.  

The views of any great nature spot change drastically in the wintertime, and you won’t have to worry about sweating to death.  However, you may have to worry about freezing.  It’s helpful to understand the pros and cons of a winter hike and choose your destination wisely. For instance, the island locations of Iceland could be a perfect choice to spend your winter vacation. Once you reach there, you can look for camper rental services and talk to some local guides, and basically spend your vacation hopping down those exotic locations.  

That said, check out a sprinkle of info about some of America’s most beautiful winter hiking spots, and start planning your next adventure today.  

Bear Mountain Trail in Arizona

The summers in Sedona aren’t really the best time to get outside.  The heat in Arizona can reach unbearable heights, making winter a much more pleasant time to explore the area.  

Bear Mountain Trail in Sedona, Arizona, in particular is an excellent place to grab your trekking poles and head out to explore.  The trail is about five miles round trip, and the end of the trail features a stellar panoramic view of Mount Humphrey.    

Mount Ellinor Trail in Washington

Grab your crampons, and head to Mount Ellinor Trail in Olympic National Park, Washington.  The trail is only around six miles round-trip, but you will have a passive climb ahead.  

The trail also sits a little lower on the mountain, so you won’t have to worry about the hard winter weather that hits the higher elevations.  Enjoy the ability to see everything more clearly as you hike this gorgeous winter wonderland.  

South Rim Loop, Big Bend National Park in Texas 

The winters in Big Bend National Park in Texas are mild, dry, and free of the rough storms you see in the springtime.  Trek the nearly 12 mile loop of the South Rim trail, and you’ll experience a whole new side of the traditional flat state.  

The view on this hiking trail are second to none in the area.  You’ll get high enough to see the beautiful vistas of the Chihuahuan Desert.  If you’re lucky enough to catch a sunset while you’re out, you’ll have an unforgettable memory for the scrapbook.

Florida National Scenic Trail

Explore the Everglades in Florida’s Big Cypress National Reserve.  This is a trail you can’t digest in one trip, so it’s best to plan a camping excursion for a couple of days.  

In the wintertime, the weather in Florida is more than manageable, and you won’t have to deal with the mass of mosquitoes you’ll battle in the summer.  Just make sure you bring some reliable water shoes, because the place is a swamp.  

Fairyland Loop, Bryce Canyon in Utah 

If you want to do a winter hike in some white winter weather, you could plan a visit to Bryce Canyon in Utah.  Trek the Fairyland Loop to check out a breathtaking natural color contrast.  

When the winter snows highlight the red, orange, and purple colors of the rocks in the area, you’ll think you’ve found a special hidden gem of a spot.  

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