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4 Betting Strategies For Soccer That You Can Use

Soccer and betting have a long relationship, from players holding poker nights during the 1966 World Cup to having half of the EPL teams sponsored by gambling companies.

In recent years, soccer betting has become even more popular among fans and it’s now part of the Saturday ritual routine for many people.

While chance plays a huge part in wagering on soccer teams, there are some strategies that can increase your chances of winning.

From researching team form to using a refund offer bet, I’ve looked at four strategies to use when betting on soccer.

Soccer betting strategy 1: Research team form

If you’re like me the first soccer bet you placed was on your team.

It makes sense that this is the case, after all, your team is your main soccering interest and you can break down a bet on them to three elements – win, draw, lose.

While you’ll have a forensic knowledge of your own team, if you want to place a bet on another team you’ll have to research their form.

This takes shockingly little effort – all you need to do is check the BBC soccer fixtures list and you’ll have all the data you need.

That said, it is always better to be on the lookout for match-fixing in soccer or football, as it is commonly known. A fixed soccer match may ruin your chances of landing a profitable bet. If you want to know more on how to spot football fixes, you can visit the website of Statistic Sports, as it can give you a comprehensive idea about it.

Soccer betting strategy 2: Research player form

After team betting, player gambling is one of the simplest strategies to use in soccer wagering.

Why? Because the onus is on one individual, you may find the odds and betting options more varied than in team gambling – which makes the research process all the more important.

The research process for a single player’s form is a little more involved than with a team.

Why? Because the likelihood is that you’ll be placing a broader range of bets than on a team – this is certainly how you should approach it.

My recommendation is that you check one of the many Fantasy soccer lists, as these provide data that is both broad and digestible.

Soccer betting strategy 3: Place an acca bet

Accas (accumulator bets) are so popular that they’ve become a part of ‘lad culture.’

Placing an acca is part of the Saturday soccer routine, with groups of friends competing against each other. Placing an acca is also a fine betting strategy for one basic reason – it offers a chance of greater reward. You may have a better chance at btts and win while using this betting strategy.

Accas often give you powerful odds – a bet of a few pounds could bring you a return of hundreds of pounds.

The thing to remember with accas is that because you’re betting on the outcome of a number of games, the chances of winning aren’t brilliant.

To give yourself a better chance of making some money, I recommend you do two things.

Firstly, find the sports websites and online casinos that offer get outs (giving some payout even when all of your wagers don’t come in. Secondly, bet on the results – not the scores – of games.

Soccer betting strategy 4: Use refund offer bets

I continue now by expanding on my previous point about looking for the bets with get-out clauses.

If you’re a cautious gambler who prioritises minimising the risk of losing money over making money, using a refund offer is a great soccer betting strategy.

This is because refund offers will give you your money back in certain outcomes – such as if a match finishes 0-0.

To use a refund offer in soccer betting, you will often need to find an online casino or high street bookie that offers a correct score offer – this gives you a backdoor means of protecting your bet.

But this isn’t the only way of getting the benefit of a refund offer – many betting agencies have their own unique refund offers, so do a little research and find the right one for you.


I’ve picked four great strategies for betting on soccer, but they’re far from being the only ones you can use. You can also find the ‘cup managers,’ keep up-to-date with the transfer gossip, use matched betting, try a price boost and a whole host more.

The key thing is that you make the type of bet that you feel comfortable with. So, review my comments and then decide on the best option for you.

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