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3 Ways to Optimise Your Recovery with the Normatec Boots

They are a staple in the life of every sports coach or health practitioner that is determined to optimise performance of an athlete and get them back to the field and court as quickly as possible. It’s no coincidence that Normatec has been one of the first companies to make the full range of Compression Systems available to the public on a large scale.

We take a look at the best ways to use the Normatec boots and how it can benefit you as a sporting and health practitioner.

Thanks to Normatec for making this piece of research possible.

As a life-long sport and health practitioner, I’ve tried countless products in my own rehab and training to get the best from my athletes and clients.

1. Using Normatec as an Integrated Treatment System

All of the Normatec Treatment Systems have unique capabilities and functions, but I’ve found certain areas work particularly well for most people. It’s important to ensure you have the right tools and accessories for the job!

Normatec boots have been used with varying degrees of success for a huge range of sports and medical conditions over more than two decades.

Overall, it appears that recovery time and performance is reduced and speed is improved with use of the Normatec Systems.

Mentally and physically, performance and recovery seem to improve considerably. I’ve used the Normatec Systems with serious injuries and sports injuries such as Achilles tendon injuries, ligament sprains, groin strains, knee tears, ankle sprains, hamstring tears, strains, fractures, tendon dislocations and shoulder dislocations, to name a few.

I have trained elite athletes such as Olympic athletes, rugby players, golfers, skiers, cyclists, runners and boxers. Even sportspeople of a lesser sporting calibre can benefit tremendously from use of the Normatec Systems.

Most athletes, health professionals and sport teams with injuries will know how important it is to find a solution to their treatment.

2. Better muscle activation and movement for a better posture

As you move your body through a movement, your muscles and body will automatically try to compensate for lost range of movement. It’s part of the recovery process.

In this case, Normatec boots will decrease the degree of muscle activation required. This means your muscles are more easily activated and better conditioned. Your form and posture will be improved as you move through a workout and you’ll recover faster.

When the goal is to increase performance or to rehabilitate an injured muscle, applying pressure to the affected area and using your leg muscles as a unit is key.

3. Targeting Injuries

Normatec has helped people with a wide range of injuries and sports training conditions with their technologically advanced boots and accessories.

Everyone has their own recovery routine, and the solutions available are increasingly diverse.

Some of the most popular equipment for recovery centres around the normalised compression technology that maximises the rate of body recovery and mobility.

You’ll find the following methods within the treatments, but the vast majority of physiotherapists use more than one method. All methods can be used with or without using the Normatec boots.

Imagine strapping yourself to a machine, wearing these amazing Normatec boots, and stabilising your body while you perform a movement or exercise for a further 5 minutes.

You can get to the highest performing physical state of the body and boost performance in almost every sport, whether you’re a professional athlete or a novice athlete in a local school.

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