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3 ways a Hypervolt can benefit your athletic performance

The Hyperice Hypervolt is one of the more recognisable names in massage therapy guns, the use thereof which is becoming increasingly popular for many reasons that can enhance athletic performance. Three of those benefits stand out among all others though, with post-workout or post-game recovery making for one of those.

The big question which forms around the PGA’s announcement to allow the use of percussion massage guns for recovery would naturally be that of how they would have know if a golfer had indeed used one for their recovery, had the law gone the other way and this was not allowed? Would they have monitored activity in the hotel rooms and stationed someone to follow the golfers everywhere they went, including the toilet, where the Hypervolt would likely be the most popular choice as a result of how quiet it is?

Either way, we should all be glad that percussion massage guns haven’t been forbidden to aid in recovery, but their casting into the spotlight surely means they work, doesn’t it?

A boost to post intense workout muscle recovery

It’s no secret that a massage administered following the intense muscle workout that comes with something like training or participating in a competitive match, aids in the recovery of muscle recovery. Muscles will naturally “embark” on a path of recovery, kick-started by the slowing down of your heart-rate to a resting one, as well as the vastly reduced physical exertion, post-game or post-exercise. Some athletes report to sleep a lot to boost recovery, following a session on the massage table.

With a percussion massage gun such as the Hypervolt that otherwise exclusive privilege is contained in a handheld tool. The power is in your own hands, with the effective use thereof simply making for a quicker recovery time to get your muscles ready for the next game or training session – which is especially great if you are unable to get into your usual dry needling acupuncture clinic for treatment in time for your next session. The quicker you can recover, the better your overall performance, because you can get back to your best much quicker and perform much better, more regularly.

Pain relief and prevention of future injuries

The pain prevention half of this particular Hypervolt benefits-equation could perhaps have been bundled in with that benefit of boosting post intense workout muscle recovery. However, it fits right in with prevention of future injuries as well, because of how effective a percussion massage gun is in alleviating the pain associated with injuries you’d be faced within the moment.

It’s mostly a matter of the stimulation delivered to the muscles to kick-start tissue repair and construction, while the other side of the equation has the percussion preparing muscles and warming them up to prevent injury and possible damage more naturally. That being said, it is important to note that major injury healing may require more than hypervolt massage. In such cases, getting in touch with pain management clinics could be a wise decision. Seeking help from a pain clinic in Davenport, FL, or somewhere nearby can provide comprehensive solutions, which may include physical therapy and other treatments, to address complex pain issues effectively.

Furthermore, it’s vital for individuals with major injuries to prioritize rest and adhere to specific medical instructions from their healthcare provider to ensure a proper and successful recovery.

Overall health and fitness prevention

Fitness means something a little different to the competitive sports person than what it means to the average person who occasionally hits the gym or the road. In both those cases though, a percussion massage gun such as the Hypervolt comes with the benefit of improving overall health, paving the way for a body that’s geared towards lapping up any fitness terrace.

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