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3 Tips For Commuting To Work On Your Bike

If you’re tired of getting stuck in traffic on your way to work, having to fight for a decent parking space, and taking the chance of your vehicle being towed if parking should become a problem, you may want to consider bypassing all of these issues by biking to work rather than driving. 

Not only is biking to work a great way to avoid the above-mentioned problems, but it can also help you get more exercise and train your body at a faster pace in addition to helping the environment as well. However, many people are nervous about the unknowns involved in biking to work for the first time. 

To help you overcome some of the most common anxieties over biking to work, here are three tips for commuting to work on your bike. 

Get A Reliable Bike

Before you can bike to and from work, you first have to have a reliable bike that you can use for transportation. 

According to Gale Bernhardt, a contributor to Active.com, in addition to having a bike that you can trust to get you where you need to go, you also need to know how to address any issues that might come up during your commute. This can include things like a popped tire, a broken chain, and more. So before you head off to work, make sure you’re confident that you will make it there.

Invest In Quality Gear

Biking to work is different from biking for leisure. When you’re just biking for fun, you can choose when to hit the road or trails. But when you’re biking for transportation, you’ve got to be out on the road every day, regardless of the weather or elements you might be biking in. 

Because of this, it’s crucial that you invest in quality gear to wear while you’re biking to work. According to Molly Hurford, a contributor to Bicycling.com, you should start getting gear that makes it possible for you to bike in the rain, wind, or other kinds of inclement weather. Since you’re not spending money on gas or car maintenance anymore, hopefully it’s easier for you to afford some quality gear that will protect you

Prepare To Get Ready For Work At Work

Whether you’re biking just a few miles or you’re having to make quite a trek to get to work, you’re going to need to plan for how you’ll get ready for work after you’ve biked there.

To make this easier, Nigel Wynn, a contributor to Cycling Weekly, recommends that you keep an extra pair of shoes at work that you can change into once you get there and change out on your way out the door. You should also pack with you some wet wipes and dry shampoo that you can use to clean up if your work doesn’t have shower facilities. 

If you’re wanting to start biking to work, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you do so successfully. 

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