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3 Things to Teach Your Kids To Help Them Stay Safe While Playing Sports

As a parent of an active child, you’re likely always thinking about how to keep them safe and ensure that they don’t sustain too many injuries while playing sports. But as your child gets into more and more competitive play, the more chances there are for him or her to get hurt, either through contact or injury. Luckily, there are things you can do to help mitigate the chances of your child getting really hurt while playing sports and being active. To show you exactly how, here are three things you can teach your kids to help them stay safe while playing sports.

Get The Right Gear

For almost all sports, there’s at least some type of protective gear that your child should have. Depending on the sport, the amount of gear that they’ll want or need will vary. But to give your child the best chance of not getting hurt, you’ll want to provide them with this protective gear. According to WebMD.com, you should always make sure this gear is appropriate for them, meaning that it hasn’t been used too much previously and that it’s the right size. While you might want to save some money by just letting your son use his older brother’s old gear, this might not be the safest choice if it doesn’t fit right or has been overused.

Teach Them How To Warm Up

Before your child gets on the field or court to play, it’s crucial that they are adequately warmed up. If your child tries to play too hard without having their body and muscles warm, there’s a greater chance that they could pull or tear something that could cause them an injury. According to SafeKids.org, their warm up routine should include things like active and static stretches and some light cardio to help them get their blood pumping.

Practice With Them Regularly

Practicing their sport of interest regularly may also help keep their bodies fit & flexible, which helps prevent muscle strain and injuries. You could take some time out with your kid and practice with them in your backyard, a field, or a park. As an example, if your child plays baseball, then letting them practice their batting while you pitch to them (or you may wish to use a baseball swing trainer for this) could help them gain arm strength and make them less prone to injuring it. The same goes for any other sport, too. Regular practice means the muscles are getting used to the strain, and that’s good.

Don’t Push It

While you might have loved playing sports as a child, this is no guarantee that your child will enjoy this. Because of this, the editors of Reader’s Digest recommend that you don’t push your child into play sports if they either don’t want to or don’t feel fit for it that day. If your child isn’t getting good sleep or feels sick or otherwise injured, it’s not safe to force them out there. Their mental or physical faculties could already be in danger, and putting them in a situation where they could get hurt even more is the last thing you should want to do. By only having them play if they want to, you ensure that they’re ready to work hard and keep themselves as safe as they can.

If you have kids who play sports, consider using the tips mentioned above to help them play hard and stay safe out there.

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