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3 great health benefits of paddle boarding

Exercising and getting out in the fresh air has great health benefits, not just for your physical but also your mental health as well. Whilst using paddle boards not only works different muscles in the body, from your lower half maintaining balance to the basic strokes of the paddle putting the arms to good use, is all good physical exercise for the body (if you are a beginner like me then you may be zig zagging and working up even more of a sweat!).

This is all useful for the positive benefits of exercising such as reducing your risk of heart disease. With paddle boarding becoming ever more popular in the UK, it is a great alternative option as a form of exercise in comparison to your standard forms of exercise. Water sports in general offer this change of scenery, as you have the ability to explore out on the water, and once you’ve got your equipment, off you go!

So what are the health benefits of paddle boarding specifically? This blog will examine three benefits that come from paddle boarding, so keep on reading to find out more!

  • Great workout and low impact

You can guarantee after using paddle boards your whole body will be feeling it the next day. From balancing using the legs, to the upper body using the paddle to move through the water and twisting your body, it works a number of muscles at once. Furthermore, with it being low impact, you are less likely to do damage to tendons and ligaments or have any breakages compared to much more high impact sports which require a lot more physicality and sprinting, such as contact sports like football. Also, because it is low impact, paddle boards can be a great way to rebuild strength for any rehabilitation or injuries you may be recovering from.

  • Keeps you healthy and in shape

As previously mentioned, there are great health benefits to using paddle boards. As a form of cardiovascular exercise, there are a number of benefits to the individual. Not only lowering your chance of illness, whether this be diabetes, heart attack or any joint problems, it burns calories so long term can help reduce body fat and help with weight loss. Working your aerobic system and helping increase strength so there are a number of ways in which paddle boards can help.

  • Help improve mental health/mood

Getting out on the water, whether it is the ocean or even a lake, is a great way to destress if you and friends decide to take your paddle boards out. Helping to reduce stress by getting back to nature can help relax the mind and help switch off from the world. Especially since COVID, paddle boarding is a great choice of sport which is socially distanced even though restrictions have now been dropped. Especially the social aspect if you are out with a group (highly advised) can improve your mood significantly.

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