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3 Creative Ways to Get Your Baseball Player Excited For the Season

One of the best ways to keep your baseball player happy is to stay engaged with him throughout the season and make sure he knows you’re there rooting for him. Whether he’s playing in the majors or little league, there are plenty of ways to surprise him with gifts that will light up his face on the field and when he takes them home! Here are three creative gifts you can give to your baseball player this season.

Favorite team merchandise

One way to get your baseball player excited for the season is to surprise them with their favorite team’s merchandise. If they are a fan of the Yankees, get them a jersey with their favorite player’s name on it. If they are a fan of the Red Sox, get them a ball signed by their favorite player. Giving an autographed ball will make this gift special and personal. You can also give them a hat that matches their favorite player’s hat. If you can’t find the appropriate merch for some reason, then you could also go about creating a custom sticker with the help of online stores. This would really let you go wild, maybe putting their name on the logo or something personal like that.

New baseball equipment

A new baseball glove is a great way to start off the season. It shows that you’re committed to the game and it also gives you a chance to break in a new piece of equipment. You can also get your player new cleats or a new bat. These are both great ways to help them feel excited about the season. Don’t forget this bat grip used by Mookie Betts to improve their batting. If they are big Mookie fans, they’ll be excited to have the same tape their favorite player uses.

It doesn’t take much thought or effort to purchase a t-shirt and lay it on their bed as a gift for opening day. Find some trendy designs from your favorite brands like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, and Majestic (great shirts!), and add these as additional stocking stuffers throughout the year too! Funky socks: If they’re not picky about style (or don’t wear socks) why not try funky socks? To complete the look, top it off with a Carhartt hat, which is perfect for the outdoors. Find the finest custom Design Now from the likes of Mato & Hash and make your baseball player look and feel the best.

Tickets to a game

A great way to get your baseball player excited for the season is to surprise them with tickets to a game. This can be especially exciting if it’s a game they’ve been wanting to see or if it’s a game against a rival team. Tickets can often be purchased through the stadium, but you might have to pay more than face value and that means less money for other fun things. The best idea would be to find out when their favorite team is playing in town and then buy the tickets on StubHub where you will save a lot of money. As a bonus, this is also a good time to introduce them to other teams so they can see what the competition looks like.

If you can’t get tickets to a game, consider taking them to batting practice or spring training instead.

If you want to give your baseball player a little extra surprise this season, try one of these three thoughtful gifts. A new baseball glove can help them feel like they’re part of the team and increase their confidence when they’re up to bat. A personalized water bottle will make them feel special and remind them to stay hydrated during long games. And a set of custom-made baseball cards with their picture on them will be a fun way for them to show off their skills to their friends.

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