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10 Etiquette of Golf Course

For golfers and the game of golf to be safer and more fun, there are certain rules that are set, and they must be followed. This set of rules is the one referred to us as Golf etiquette. When observed well, they also help to minimize possible damage to courses and golf equipment.

1. Don’t be late

A golf game usually takes much of your daytime, and it requires planning in advance. It, therefore, needs commitment and all golfers should arrive on the golf course on time. This is an especially serious rule if you’re staying at a prestigious and well-known san diego golf hotel and playing at their course. Many people go to such courses to enjoy a good game of golf, and they want their time’s worth. So, you should be there 10 minutes earlier in order to not obstruct other players.

2. Don’t flip after every shot

You must be able to control your temper. Do not curse every moment you miss your target, be calm and avoid being upset too. Doing this will give both you and your team a good time to focus on the game, and not have to listen to your frustration.

3. Don’t step on someone else line

The imaginary line between the player and the hole on the green should not be stepped at all. You should also not stand behind the player, close to the ball, or beside the hole directly for your own safety.

4. Don’t hit the ball into the group before you

Being a rule of the game or not, this one must be observed as it can be dangerous too. Always make sure no one is ahead of you whenever you’re about to hit the ball.

5. Don’t give unwanted golf advice

People are different and some may be interested in your advice while others are not. So, unless someone asks for your advice, don’t offer it. If this rule restricts you and you feel that you have a lot you want to share, you can always have a Golf Blog and advice a large amount of people.

6. Don’t play from the championship tee box

Choose the tee for your skill level. You’re not supposed to tee off from the championship boxes as this delays the game for others and is seen as an attempt that you want to be more superior to others.

7. Distractions

Do not distract others when they are playing. No walking and running during the play. Remain stationary and quiet while other players are playing their shots. Golf carts should also be parked only on the cart path to avoid distracting the players too.

8. Divots

Divots must be repaired by either grass replacement or by placing sand on them.

9. Ball Marking

Golfers should be able to identify their balls to avoid confusion during the play.

10. Slow players

Slow play should always be avoided. Golfers should not be pushed by the group behind them, but they should follow closely the group which is ahead of them.

Finally, when the game is over, shake each other’s hands, congratulate the winners and console the losers. Have fun, and you can enjoy some refreshment together as you talk business. You might also get the great business deal in those gatherings who knows?

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