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As Update Sport has grown from a passion project into a rather large website that has attracted something of a following, I have started to notice the opportunities that the site can offer to businesses, particularly those that offer products and services related to the topics that I cover on the blog.

This is where you come in. As a business owner and sports enthusiast, you want to reach a large, targeted audience with each of your advertising campaigns, while working with a partner who will do everything possible to ensure that your adverts are seen by the people who are most likely to be interested in whatever you have to offer.

There are many reasons why you should advertise with Update Sport, including all of the following.

My Audience Is Large And Growing

When I first started Update Sport a few years ago, I would be lucky if my posts reached a few dozen people. Through dedication, hard work and a commitment to posting quality content that engages people, I have managed to build a large audience for the site that now numbers in the thousands.

How many thousands you ask? Try 12,000 unique monthly visitors, alongside thousands of regular readers every month, all of whom love sport and want to hear more about the companies that can help them achieve their sporting goals. By advertising on my site you get to place your business directly into the eye-line of thousands of people every month.

Relevant Advertising

Have you ever tried to advertise online using Google Adwords or Facebook advertising? Isn’t it annoying that you can’t target your adverts so that they only reach people who have expressed an interest in the niche your company falls into? Instead, you are limited to advertising by age, location and other factors that don’t allow you to refine your ads to achieve the maximum return possible.

At Update Sport, we go one better than those services but not only allowing you to tailor ads by those metrics, but also by having an in-built audience of people who want to hear about your products and services. If you serve the sports niche you really can’t find a more relevant audience for your business, as everybody who arrives at this site is interested in sports in one way or another.

It’s Cost-Effective

Another issue with other online advertising platforms is that it can often take a lot of time and effort to refine your ads to the point where they start turning a profit. Not only does this mean that you waste potentially thousands of dollars on ads that are reaching the wrong people, but you are also investing valuable time into messing with the ads.

By advertising with Update Sport your ads will be far more cost-effective. The relevance of our audience has already been mentioned, but you also need to keep in mind that I will take much of the technical work off your hands too. Instead of spending your days examining data to figure out what to do with your ads, you can spend your time tuning your business processes and providing your service, while letting me worry about the rest.

I Help You

Perhaps you’re new to the world of online advertising? Your business might have just started, meaning you have a limited advertising budget, or your previous campaigns have been more traditional and you are wary of taking the leap into online advertising.

Whatever the case, I want to assure all potential partners that I will help you get what you need out of your ads. My own experiences in the online marketplace have allowed me to figure out what works and what doesn’t, particularly when it comes to the Update Sport audience. This means I can help you create ad copy and provide more information about what is likely to attract people to your ad.

Find Out More

Hopefully you now see the many benefits that come with advertising on Update Sport and want to find out more about how you can become a partner and appeal to the site’s audience of 12,000 unique monthly visitors. If so, please use one of the contact forms on the site to let me know what you need.